Java Developer

MHII Solutions, Lda
2016/12/14 17:08:29
Job description
We are looking for a highly-motivated applicant to join our development team.
The applicant will be part of a cross-functional team that will work closely with internal BI Project Managers, Software Architects/Modelers and Web/Mobile Developers, using Agile development techniques to assure all the software life cycle: architecture, development, testing, implementation and publication.
It is expected that the applicant is a highly-motivated Java developer and passionate about building secure, high performance, scalable solutions for the web.
The applicant will work from our headquarters in São João da Madeira.

Desired Skills and Experience
The ideal applicant for the Java Developer position will have a strong background in building stable and high-quality web applications/REST API’s. The applicant will have experience working with Java, and be familiar with all aspects of development, from conceptualization to roll-out. She/he will perform unit-testing and will actively engage in end-toend testing. The applicant will be self-motivated, detail oriented, and comfortable working in a collaborative team environment. Strong communication skills (oral and written) are essential!

In addition to the above, the applicant will:
- Ability to work well with a team and collaborate;
- Understand agile methodologies;
- Be experienced and comfortable with Java;
- Be experienced and comfortable with Apache Tomcat;
- Be familiar with Grails;
- Be familiar with SOA;
- Have a strong foundation on HTTP protocol;
- Be experienced with development and implementation/publishing of web apps;
- Experience with JavaScript, CSS3 e HTML5, as also experience using libraries oriented to the web, to handling events, manipulate document and AJAX requests will be valued;
- Have experience on remote data consuming, as REST;
- Be familiar with development and implementation/publishing of REST API’s;
- Good understanding and experience on OAuth protocol will be valued;
- Be familiar with ORM’s and Micro-ORM’s will be valued;
- Have experience with data bases SQL (NoSQL experience will be also appreciated);
- Be familiar with unit testing;
- Experience with responsive layouts and cross-platform testing will be valued;
- Fluent in French will be valued;

- 2+ year with professional experience developing with Java;
- 2+ year with professional experience developing Rest API’s with Apache Tomcat;
- 2+ year with professional experience in SQL Databases;
- 2+ year with professional experience with SOA development;
- 1+ year with professional experience with versioning tools;

About MHII Solutions
MHII Solutions empowers global Healthcare entities to unleash the power of their Healthcare data to better
support data-driven decision making.
We deliver game changing Healthcare analytics competences and technology, ranging from data collection, data
monitoring/visualization to pattern identification and data prediction.
Digital technology is transforming the Healthcare sector, accelerating and improving the way Healthcare is
provided for all the patients. Nowadays, the mobility, efficiency and accuracy of the services provided are a
valuable must that never can be denied by the Healthcare providers and professionals. Digital technology comes
up like the fuel that allows Healthcare entities to answer this daily pressure of existing demands of the modern day
patient, administrative processes and interoperability between systems.
Recently we joined the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. MHII commitment is to share with
the world the monitoring and visualization of SDG 3 "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all
ages" in simple, attractive and consumable mobile visualization platform. The ability to easily monitor and visualize
complex and huge amount of data is key to allow meaningful insights out of data and to better assure the
achievement of the SDG. MHII expects to contribute to the widespread of mobile data monitoring and visualization
in order to reach a true data democratization and unleash the power of data to provide meaningful insights for
efficient decision making.
With over 20 years of international experience in the Healthcare sector, bringing state of the art analytics
competences and technology to the Healthcare entities' information systems, our team is truly focused on “giving
health its value”.