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This mighty and effectual tool is initiated to cure such ailments as deficit of attention and hyperactivity disorder. Distractibility, impulsivity, lack of concentration, anxiety and other similar symptoms also undergo the field of the preparation’s action. It helps to overcome any of them. It can help both children and grown-ups, but we strongly recommend to consult a specialist in order to secure yourself from undesired adverse effects, which may be very serious and harmful for your health.


Before purchasing this product, have a proper consultation with your physician, who would be capable to prescribe you safe dosage. You may pass some tests, which would help to identify all contraindications and accordingly, secure your health.

You cannot put this product to usage if you: have enormous sensitivity to the composition of the preparation; have serious heart illness; use it in parallel with means that contain MAO inhibitors in their composition; have angle-closure glaucoma; have hypertension and tachycardia, cardiovascular disorders, serious physical congestion.

Never change the dosage without the approval of your physician, because self-treatment may be hazardous for life of your children and your own.

After all terms are determined you can freely buy Strattera online and start curing yourself or your child.

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